Celebrating ‘The Lesbian Bar Project’ with Jägermeister at Pride 2021

The Lesbian Bar Project‘, a documentary directed by Erica Rose and Elina Street, spotlights the 21 remaining lesbian bars in the USA. A part of Jägermeister’s #SAVETHENIGHT initiative funding shuttered venues and other nightlife destinations during the pandemic, the premiere – timed to coincide with Pride – marks a new phase in The Lesbian Bar Project and Jägermeister’s partnership.

Securing interviews with The Lesbian Bar Project directors and executive producer Lea DeLaria for features in top-tier outlets including the TODAY Show, PBS NewsHour, Forbes and AdAge, The Lesbian Bar Project‘s publicity campaign drew over 1 billion impressions.

Best of all, the amazing LGBTQ+ community truly showed up for the bars, which will be receiving 100% of the funds pooled – noting especially the generosity and efforts of partners such as Lea DeLaria, The Katz Company, Go Magazine, Mariam Adams, the Bloomers Society, Hinge, Jägermeister and Civic Entertainment Group.

For more information on The Lesbian Bar Project, the team and the bars highlighted in the film, visit the project website HERE.

Check out the 20-minute documentary HERE.