Civic Entertainment Group Launches #ImAProtector Social Campaign

Today Civic Entertainment Group launched its purpose-driven social campaign, #ImAProtector. We’re celebrating individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to look out for their at-risk loved ones and communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, while educating the public as to who is really at risk and encouraging the adoption of COVID-safe behavior.

Research conducted in partnership with our cultural insights consultancy Cultique and the Protector Coalition demonstrates that while often unwilling to protect themselves by adhering to mask mandates, people are far more likely to adopt Covid-protective behaviors for the sake of protecting loved ones.

Now – inspired by nearly 20 years of Comic-Con attendance + activation – we’re transforming everyday protectors into the superheroes they are, turning their life-saving stories and behaviors into comic books and trading cards on our social channels – starting with agency employees who embody our Civic-minded core values.

But we need YOU! Help make our movement by using #ImAProtector and sharing your own Protector story on social media. You might not feel “heroic,” but by modeling Covid-protective behaviors you’re actively saving lives.

We’ve created a hashtag + toolkit in partnership with GIPHY to “suit up” and tell your story on all GIPHY enabled platforms. Tag @wearecivic and and we’ll re-share your stories on Civic’s IG.

GIPHY Toolkit

It’s COVID-clobberin’ time!

The Civic Gives Back team