Civic Entertainment Group Launches First Issue of its Time Capsule Zine in Honor of Black History Month

Today, Civic published its first-ever digital Time Capsule Zine.

But what is a zine, you ask?

The phrase ‘zine’ is short for magazine, fanzine, or webzine. They are typically accessible and affordable forms of printed expression on ANY subject. While often used to project identity, share creative talent or tell a story, zines have historically been utilized as an alternative to mainstream press. The unofficial publications of hobbyists, enthusiasts, activists, dissidents and thought leaders, zines disregard the conventions of professional design and publishing houses through bold self-awareness, often aiming to inspire community where there is none, or lend voice to the unheard.

As we continue to foster deeper connections within the Civic Entertainment Group community, we will curate and publish an ongoing series of zines to illuminate the interests, stories, and layers of the people of Civic. The inaugural publication of the Time Capsule Zine centers on the voices and sentiments of our Black+ community members, as well as highlighting Black musicians, movies, books, foods, and businesses from contributors across the agency as we celebrate and contemplate Black history and Black futures.

Thank you to each and every member of our Civic community who contributed a voice to the creation of Issue No.1

Up next: Women’s History Month and Issue No.2!