Democracy Day at Civic Entertainment Group

Last year Civic Entertainment Group announced Election Day as an annual paid holiday: Democracy Day.

Evident by our name, this company was founded on the power of civic engagement. This day and supporting initiatives will aim to ensure every employee exercises and celebrates the right to vote. Once again, we’re calling upon those willing and able to use this day to volunteer as poll workers. Since Coronavirus continues to impact our country, volunteering as a poll worker means helping ensure a safe, fair, and efficient 2021 election for all voters.

Check out this breakdown from The New York Times that further contextualizes the importance of this year’s election.

Quick Links for Registered Voters:

How to Volunteer:

  • Sign-up: Volunteers need to apply and train in advance, so we urge those interested to sign-up today using this unique CIVIC link (so that we can measure our impact).

  • Share: Whether or not you volunteer, we encourage you to share our link with your friends, family and community and encourage them to volunteer as well!

FAQ, provided by Power the Polls:

  • Are poll workers paid? Local jurisdictions will often pay poll workers a stipend for their participation. In most cases, you will be paid with a check for a day’s worth of work. In some cases, poll working may be voluntary and not paid.

  • What do poll workers do? There are many kinds of jobs for poll workers to do, including helping voters maintain physical distance in lines, wiping down machines and equipment, and helping voters check in, understand their ballots, and cast their vote. With absentee and mail voting, poll workers also help open and count mailed ballots.

  • Will poll workers be provided personal protective equipment? Power the Polls is working with local organizations and partners to help election officials provide PPE. If you have specific concerns about what PPE will be provided in your jurisdiction, please reach out to your local officials for more information. Contact information can be found at

  • Find more FAQ here.

Happy Democracy Day!