Ford Announces Blue Oval City & BlueOvalSK Battery Parks

Today, Ford announced that just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, it will build a completely sustainable electric vehicle manufacturing plant – its largest ever – called Blue Oval City. It will be the world’s first carbon-neutral auto plant. And at two sites in central Kentucky, Ford will build twin electric battery plants, called BlueOvalSK Battery Park, with enough capacity to power Ford’s next-generation electric fleet.

In total, it’s an $11.4 billion investment that will anchor more than 11,000 jobs in two states, and support thousands more. Together, these sites will allow Ford to massively scale production of the all-electric F-150 Lightning and will instantly turn Ford into one of the leading battery manufacturers in the United States. It’s a watershed moment for Ford and it will have profound impact on the future of the company; for the auto industry as a whole; for the communities where these sites will rise; and for the planet.

It means a great deal that Ford decided to use that opportunity to turn itself into a model of clean, sustainable manufacturing – here in America. It’s a project that Civic Entertainment Group has supported, and a company that we’re proud to work for.

Congratulations to everyone involved, whose continued hard work is bringing Ford’s vision to life.