Navigating Current Events in Ukraine

We are all watching in horror as thousands have been killed and millions of refugees have been displaced into neighboring countries like Poland, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, and Germany. As the humanitarian disaster continues it is critical that we come together to help efforts on the ground in Europe and domestically here in the US. As the Civic community reacts to the events unfolding in Europe we would like to share a few ways to get involved:



Civic team members living internationally in Berlin have organized efforts on the ground with, a donations sourcing and distribution organization supporting supplies, transportation, and volunteers at local train and bus stations where refugees are arriving every day with no place to stay.


Refugee Housing:

Airbnb has been instrumental to helping refugees obtain housing in the countries surrounding Ukraine. Please join us in our effort to secure housing by donating to Airbnb’s program hosting refugees fleeing Ukraine: Airbnb Refugee Support.


Marginalized Communities:

We also want to shed light on marginalized and vulnerable LGBTQIA+ and Black and Brown populations fleeing the violence only to find themselves subject to racism, prejudice and neglect at the border. Increased repression from Russia is a tangible fear for LGBTQIA+ Ukrainians, who cite the country’s ban on gay marriage and anti LGBTQ+ “propaganda” law, encouraging active targeting of LGBTQIA+ activists by the government. It’s also important to acknowledge the emotions the war has stirred within the Jewish community, which is watching carefully given the historic trauma of antisemitism in Europe, and the deep history and roots of Ukrainian Jews.

Ways To Help:

  • Forbidden Colours raises funds to support organizations in Poland, Hungary and Romania that are welcoming LGBTQ+ refugees and providing front-line assistance, including housing
  • OutRight Action International invests heavily in partnerships with grassroots LGBTQ+ communities and allies around the world and has started a fund dedicated to queer Ukranian grassroots organizations supporting people in search of shelter, safety and security
  • Ukraine Evacuation & Resettlement Fund – Activist Rain Dove has started a fund to work directly with LGBTQ+ and disabled individuals and families in Ukraine. Support includes evacuation busses, visa application support, temporary housing, elder care, and more
  • SAFE (Seeking Asylum & Funding Empowerment) has created a dedicated fund to support LGBTQIA+ refugees


—The Civic DEI Council